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2016.06.01【校內公告】 應屆畢業生延長借閱期限申請辦法 ※研究生免申請

【校內公告】 應屆畢業生延長借閱期限申請辦法 ※研究生免申請
[Announcement] school graduates apply for a way to extend the loan period ※ Graduate Free Application

1. 圖書館對本屆畢業生之借書服務將於2016年6月3日終止,所借圖書若未於6月3日前歸還即視為逾期。請您於辦理離校程序之前,先行還清所有借書及欠款,以利通過審核作業。
2. 畢業生若因故需繼續留校,請於5/2起至5/31止連結到圖書館首頁辦理申請『畢業生線上申請延長借閱權限』,經審核通過者,於9/20前皆可享有借書服務,借書到期日請遵照借閱規則,並請於到期日前歸還所借圖書,以免產生逾期罰款。敬請留意您於審核通過前所借圖書的到期日不會隨著期限延長而自動延展,請靜待審核通過後,再登入您的圖書帳戶勾選續借
3. 6月1日之後,畢業生欲借書但未申請『畢業生線上申請延長借閱權限』者,一律以押金方式辦理延長借閱權限。
4. 本《畢業生申請延長借閱權限》所填寫之個人資料皆依本館個資管理法規進行保護,詳細個資管理可參閱「銘傳大學個人資料保護管理要點」與「銘傳大學個人資料保護專區」。

1. The current library for graduates of library service will end June 3, 2016, if not borrowed books on or before June 3 return is considered late. Please apply before leaving the program, first pay off all debts and borrowing to facilitate review by the job.
2. If for any reason need to continue to graduate school, please 5/2 until 5/31 only link to the library home page to apply for "graduate online application to extend the borrowing authority", were audited by at 9/20 before Jieke enjoy library services, library borrowing rules follow the due date, maturity date and please return borrowed books to avoid overdue fines. Please note that you will not be in for approval before with extended automatically extended by the due date books, please wait after approval, and then sign in to your checking account and renew books.
3. After June 1, students would use the book but did not apply for "graduate online application to extend the borrowing authority" who will be required to handle the way to extend borrowing authority.
4. The "graduates to apply for permission to extend the loan" of personal data to fill a museum Jieyi funding regulations for protection, a detailed capital management can be found in "Ming Chuan University Personal Data Protection ations" and "Ming Chuan University Personal Data Protection zone. "
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