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【announcement】University student internships Probation work




1.    請備齊推薦表及相關資料寄至:臺北市士林區士東路190號  臺灣士林地方法院檢察署  觀護人室 收。

2.    各系所報名學生經本署初審(書面審核)通過後,將另行通知面試時間。


1.    錄取名單將公告於檢察署網站,不另行書面通知。

2.    觀護工作實習期間每年7月至8月共6週。

3.    請錄取同學依網路公告之報到日期,準時至檢察署觀護人室報到。

First, to promote the local Court Prosecutor's Office (hereinafter referred to as the Prosecutors Office) provides a large school-related hospital departments where school students to use during the summer internship probation work, the establishment of cooperative education, and strengthen the effectiveness of probation work, in order to achieve the goal of prevention of recidivism

Second, the application period: March 15 each year to pay the Law Faculty Office application materials

Third, the mode of application:
1. Gather the recommended list and related information be sent to: Christie Road Shihlin District, Taipei City Taiwan Shihlin District Court Prosecutor's Office, Room 190 probation closed.

2. The enrollment of students by departments Department of First Instance (written examination) after the adoption of the notice interview.

Fourth, the admission list:

1. The admission list will notice in the Public Prosecutor's Office website, without prior written notice.

2. During the probation internship from July to August, a total of six weeks.

3. Requests the students admitted by the starting date of the announcement network, punctual to the Public Prosecutor's Office probation report room. 




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by Dr. Radut.