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AnnouncementNorth one area Teaching Learning Resource Center Project



同學們只要在本校選課,以在本校觀看視訊影像的方式上課,依照規定繳交作業和參與考試,修業完成即可取得 2 學分,社會領域「民主與法治」通識課程的學分抵免喔! 而且免收學分費!



I. Description:
School perform "North one area Teaching Learning Resource Center Project," will continue to cooperate with the National Taiwan Ocean University, so that our students can semester elective Ocean University's "Excellence Master Class" in the general education curriculum 104 school year.
As long as the students in the school enrollment, in order to watch the video image in the way school class, in accordance with the provisions of the job and pay for the exam, you can get 2 to complete their official credits, the social sphere credits credits "democracy and rule of law" curriculum of Oh! And free of charge credits!
II. attachment:


Chinese, Traditional

by Dr. Radut.