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2015.06.01 [announcement] Department graduates apply for exemption matters

One, Notice Information:

Since only 104 years Monday June 1 to August 31, graduates apply for exemption apply for open courses, such as English and information obtained the relevant license
Please attach original documents to apply for each of the control units.

II, for unit:

1. Calibration Application of English courses to please the English Teaching Centre (I203) applications.
2. Calibration information please courses College of Information (Taoyuan Campus) applications.

Senate shall prepare a file :( please fill out the form to receive office)

1. English plus back menu. 2. Information Course exemption application form 3. Subjects original license (after checking the return)

Store, contact:

Related to handle problems, please ask each unit or office, Faculty of Law.




by Dr. Radut.