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Summer internship Legal Aid Foundation Shihlin Branch

Shihlin Legal Aid Foundation held

"104-year college students Summer Internship" program


One, based on: Ming Chuan University Department of Law Practice Implementing Rules.

II, Objective: to strengthen the implementation of tertiary education services, through internships in the field, so that students learn more than legal theory, be able to understand the actual operation situation of legal support services, to reduce the gap between theory and practice.

Ginseng, active objects: all tertiary institutions have the will to present the students will practice it.

Shop, event date: 104 on July 1 to August 31 (during the summer), quotas 7, until full. Each scheduling period for at least 4 hours.

Wu, Venue: Foundation for Legal Aid Foundation - Shihlin branch. (7th floor of 338 Wenlin Road, Shihlin District, Taipei City 2)

Lu, implementation modalities:

First, the Internet bulletin internship message and send notification to the student interns have the will, 104 years since the May 20 until May 28 only during the registration period.

Second, pre-Qin workshop: Practice before the 104 on May 29, Ri (Xing Qiwu) 12:30 workshops for carrying out instructions, and then arrange for students to practice Shihlin branch.

Third, the student is based on the provisions of personal data should be kept confidential, student interns should be issued Confidential Affidavit, with data confidentiality and compliance with the relevant Internship Implementing Rules and Regulations.

Fourth, ask the school to provide student interns timely commentary and business services, convenient service measures, and invited the Division, timely counseling students practice situation.

Fifth, with the implementation of the Legal Aid Act, in addition to the existing practice of the club business, other issues related to strengthening the presentation.

Sixth, the rule of law advocacy dispensing information to the student interns.

Qi, Registration:

First, during the registration period is from 104 on May 20 until May 28, paid volunteer interest form to the Office of the Faculty of Law.
Second, the Contact Person: Internship Application-related issues, please contact the Secretary of the Faculty of Law Liao Yawen 02-28824564 ext 2469

Ba, annex:





by Dr. Radut.