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Summer Internship North Branch of IRS Taoyuan

North Branch of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Taoyuan organized "104-year college students summer internships."

 One internship information

 First, the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 103 North in December 30 North service tax Zi No. 1030023119 letter issued "The implementation of 104 annual tax education and outreach work plan" to handle.

Second, the practice time and place

1. Period: 104 years July 1 to August 31, limit 25, until full. Consists of 2 echelon, first echelon 23 days, the second echelon of 21 days, 8 hours a day

2. Practice Location: The Bureau of each classroom

3. Run mode:

Internet bulletin internship message and sent a letter to Taoyuan County had a summer internship program with this branch of knowledge transfer and tertiary school students are willing to practice, since 104 years June 1 until June 20 only during the registration period .
Before Qin workshops: workshops tax arrangements before practice, and then arrange for students to practice each lesson, each student internship arrangements specified by the class tutor.
Internship Student assessment data shall be based on the provisions of confidentiality, students should practice issued Confidential Affidavit, comply with the provisions of the relevant assessment data confidentiality.
Invites classrooms senior colleagues to provide timely and explanations of the tax service and convenient service measures, and invited the Division, timely counseling students practice situation.
With the implementation of cross-strait tax agreement, in addition to the current practice of the Bureau tax practice, the other issues related to strengthening the presentation.
Distribution of the tax advocacy information to the student interns.
During the internship The internship student branch noon lunch and accident insurance.
End of the internship will be held to review and issue a certificate of internship and souvenirs.

II, registration information

※ Please attach a photocopy of student card and identity card photocopy the time of registration for nuclear.

※ Undertaker: St. Lin Ling
Phone: (03) 3396511 ext 416
Fax: 3396512
E-mail a: nh16217@ntbna.gov.tw








by Dr. Radut.