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【Summer vacation Internship】New North Municipal Bureau of Culture Summer Internship


 一、 為培育各項藝術管理及文化行政之人才,提供大專院校在學學生於新北市立博物館、藝文館舍及圖書館實務學習之機會,並擴大文化事務參與層面及推廣效益。




(一) 請填具實習申請表(格式如附件),並檢附自傳、學經歷證明文件、實習研究計畫書等,於受理期間內向本局提出申請。
(二) 依實習單位需求進行面談或書面審核。
(三) 核定名單將於6月5日公告本局網站,並另行通知獲選者。

二、 請將申請表及附件資料於收件期間: 即日起至104年4月30日止,寄至22001新北市板橋區中山路1段161號28樓 /文化發展科 /林小姐收,信封請註明「申請暑期實習生」及「申請館舍名稱」。

三、 備註﹕
(一) 依「新北市政府文化局暨所屬機關學生實習作業要點」之規定,申請實習者必須繳交申請實習表(本表格)、自傳、學經歷證明文件(在學證明文件或含有當期學年註冊章之學生証影本)、獎懲資料(若有獎狀或獎勵資料等亦附上證明文件)、實習研究計畫書(研究目標、項目及方法、預訂前往單位、原因、預期成果等,格式不拘)。
(二) 外國大學者依教育部公告之「大學辦理國外學歷採認辦法」辦理,並須檢附在學證明。
(三) 若預申請ㄧ間以上之實習館舍,請分開填列實習申請表。
(四) 聯絡人:實習申請相關問題請洽林小姐02-29603456分機4493


One, Internship information
 First, for the cultivation of the arts and cultural management and administration of the personnel, to provide tertiary students studying in New Taipei City Museum, art premises and the library practice learning opportunities, and expand the level of participation in cultural affairs and promotion effectiveness.
Second, the practice time and place
 Council-cum-owned institution needs a total of 104 years summer intern 99 (summer intern detailed demand table), only 104 practice time on July 1 to August 31 104 years, effective immediately accept the application.
Two, Registration information
 First, about the summer student internship application requirements and procedures are summarized as follows:
(A) Please fill out an internship application form (the form in Annex), and attach autobiography, life experiences, documents, books, etc. Practice Research Project, within the period for acceptance of this Council to apply.
(B) by the hosting organization needs to conduct interviews or written examination.
(C) the approved list will be announcement of this Website June 5, and notice the Chosen.
Second, set the application and annex data during Write: only 104 years from now until April 30, sent to the 28th floor in New Taipei City 22001 Road 1611 segment Itabashi / Cultural Development Division / Miss Lin received envelopes Please mark "for the summer" and "the name of the application premises."
Third, Remarks:
(A) according to the "New North Municipal Bureau of Culture cum subordinate agencies student internships job points" prescribed, apply for an internship must pay apply for an internship form (this form), autobiography, life experiences, documents (in school or documents containing the current student card photocopy year registration chapter), incentive information (if a certificate or award information, etc. also attach supporting documents), internships Research project book (research objectives, projects and methods, book trips to the unit due to the expected results, and other format informal).
(B) foreign university under the terms of the announcement of the Ministry of Education, "University of Mining handle foreign credentials recognized way" to handle, and shall be attached to the school inspection certificate.
(C) if a pre-apply for an internship premises between ㄧ up, is listed separately internship application form.
(Iv) Contact Person: Internship Application-related issues, please contact Ms. Lin 02-29603456 ext 4493
Internship locations Internship demand content and other issues, please contact the Contact Person Unit







by Dr. Radut.