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【Scholarship】Zhang Yuan Weng Foundation Cultural Foundation provide scholarships to poor

申請人資格 : 未領有任何獎學金,並提供符合資格的學生數名,每名新台幣貳萬元整 :


  1. 申請書
  2. 自傳
  3. 區公所或鄉鎮市公所出具之中低收入戶證明
  4. 前一學期學業成績平均八十分以上證明


申請截止日期 : 104年4月3日(以郵戳上日期為準)


詳細資訊詳參 附件

Eligibility: not licensed any scholarships, and provide a number of eligible students, twenty thousand dollars each person:

Application document:
1. Application
2. Autobiography
3. The district office or town Shi Gongsuo issue among low-income households prove
4. previous semester academic average of eight out of more than prove
Application deadline: April 3 104 years (the postmark date)
Pay to file: Faculty of Law Office B804
For more detailed information reference attachment

by Dr. Radut.