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【Scholarship】Yuanheng law firm to provide the affected families in Kaohsiung gas explosion case children scholarships

申請人資格 : 戶籍設在高雄氣爆災區的法律系三年級(含三年級)以下大學生

補助方式 : 提供符合資格的學生7位,每位每月新台幣6000元整為期一年

申請文件 :

  1. 學生證及身分證正反面影本
  2. 在學成績單影本
  3. 戶籍地里長或市政府社會局出具家庭清寒證明
  4. 受災戶證明文件
  5. 銀行存摺封面影本

申請截止日期 : 103年10月30日(以郵戳上日期為準)

文件寄送地址與本所聯絡窗口 : 台北市羅斯福路二段100號25樓之1「元亨法律事務所」方小姐收(聯絡電話 : 02-2364-1133)


詳細資訊詳參 附件

Eligibility: domicile is located in the Faculty of Law of the gas explosion disaster area junior Kaohsiung (including third grade) or less Students

Subsidy: Provides eligible students 7, NT 6000 dollars per month for one year whole
Application document :
1. The student card and identity card photocopy of the front and back
2. In the school report card photocopy
3. domicile in length or municipal Social Affairs issued to poor families to prove
4. The affected households documents
5. A copy of the cover of the passbook
Application deadline: 103 on October 30 (the postmark date)
Our document delivery address and contact window: Roosevelt Road Sec 1, Taipei 100, 25th floor of the "Yuan Heng Law Firm" Ms. Fang income (Tel: 02-2364-1133)
For more detailed information reference attachment

by Dr. Radut.