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RecruitmentThe National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Management Office Wanted a Study Group contractual duties collection Agent




(一)意者請檢附公務人員履歷表(簡式) http://www.mocs.gov.tw/FileUpload/641-3998/Documents/公務人員履歷表(簡式).doc、身分證正反面影本、最高學歷證書(持國外學歷證件者,須提供經我國駐外館處查驗之文件)、相關證明文件(例如:與擬任工作(法制作業或文創法規等)有關之重要工作經驗2年以上之資料),於報名信封上註明應徵「研究典藏組約聘職務代理人」及聯絡電話,並於103年7月9日前以掛號郵寄(一律通訊報名,以郵戳為憑,逾期不受理且不接受親自報名)臺北市中正區中山南路21號國立中正紀念堂管理處人事室葉小姐收。






First, the qualifications:
1. The one who has the following qualifications: (1) domestic and foreign laws relating to master. (2) Department of Law, University of domestic and foreign graduate and aspiring important work experience and work (legal or cultural and creative job regulations) related to the more than 2 years.
2. familiar with word processing documents, computers and other office-related software operational capability is a plus.
3. To work with enthusiasm, willing to accept the challenge, to work together to work overtime.
4. English or Japanese language ability is preferred.
Second, the work item:
Legal copyright and intellectual property rights 1. The elaboration of the job.
2. Check-rights holding inventory, and holding a book image enabling legislation authorizing retroactive property, are associated with the project negotiations.
3. Cultural & Creative brand business.
4. Other research and collection of related publishing business planning and execution.
5. Other related matters.
Third, work address: No. 21 Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Fourth, Contact:
(A) please attach meaning public servants resume (short form) http://www.mocs.gov.tw/FileUpload/641-3998/Documents/ civil servants resume (short form) .doc, positive identity card a photocopy of the back, the highest degree certificate (holding foreign academic credentials are required to provide by our inspection of the overseas Missions file), the relevant documents (for example: the aspiring job (or jobs legal Cultural & Creative regulations) concerning the important work experience more than 2 years data), on the registration envelope marked candidates' research group Collector contractual duties Agent "and telephone, and in 103 before July 9 by registered mail (all communications application, postmarked, late registration will not be accepted and not accepted in person), Zhongshan South Road, Taipei City Zhongzheng District No. 21, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall management Department Personnel Office Miss Ye income.
(B) in accordance with the foregoing, please register, incomplete or inconsistent with the registration provisions no longer notice additional documents, and will be considered ineligible.
File (iii) the registration officer attach the photocopy, if forged, altered, under the guise of, theft or other circumstances, once identified, those who have been admitted to revoke admission status. It relates to criminal liability who transferred to the prosecuting agency.
(D) meet the qualifications as required by another merit written tests, interviews, and depending on the results of discretion by the candidate quota of 1 to 2, to determine the candidate during the selection results within three months following the day, who do not send ineligible. All registration information will not be returned parts, after hiring winners will be approved prior to this announcement at the website http://www.cksmh.gov.tw//index.php?code=list&ids=18.
(E) The duties paid monthly salary is 328 points (about NT $ 39,720 yuan), arrived to work date is the actual date, to the front office staff without pay for reinstatement until the 1st.
(Vi) If the registration or selection with queries, please contact the office hours (02) 23431100 turn 1075 Miss Ye. If work items and other related questions, please contact the office hours (02) 23431100 turn 1191 Wong

by Dr. Radut.