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2015.06.11 [lecture] Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition Seminar

Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition Seminar

Organizers: Ming Chuan University, Department of Law

Time: Year 2015. 6. 11 Ri Yue (Xing Qisi) 12:00 to 13:00

Location: Ming Chuan University H102 practice court

Lecturer: University of Finance and Culture group director Fangyuan Yi


2015.06.01 [announcement] Department graduates apply for exemption matters

One, Notice Information:

Since only 104 years Monday June 1 to August 31, graduates apply for exemption apply for open courses, such as English and information obtained the relevant license
Please attach original documents to apply for each of the control units.

II, for unit:


2015.05.29【News】Department of the Faculty of Law 104 Year of Science and Technology Research Project Awards help college students list

104 year new heights, there were seven eligible under review by the Ministry of Science award.
Department of Law through 4, the award-winning students please governed by the Ministry of Science and related business rules.

A list of winners and Project Name:


Implementation of the annual plan



Summer internship Legal Aid Foundation Shihlin Branch

Shihlin Legal Aid Foundation held

"104-year college students Summer Internship" program


One, based on: Ming Chuan University Department of Law Practice Implementing Rules.

II, Objective: to strengthen the implementation of tertiary education services, through internships in the field, so that students learn more than legal theory, be able to understand the actual operation situation of legal support services, to reduce the gap between theory and practice.


Summer Internship North Branch of IRS Taoyuan

North Branch of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Taoyuan organized "104-year college students summer internships."

 One internship information

 First, the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 103 North in December 30 North service tax Zi No. 1030023119 letter issued "The implementation of 104 annual tax education and outreach work plan" to handle.

Second, the practice time and place

1. Period: 104 years July 1 to August 31, limit 25, until full. Consists of 2 echelon, first echelon 23 days, the second echelon of 21 days, 8 hours a day




【Summer vacation Internship】New North Municipal Bureau of Culture Summer Internship


 一、 為培育各項藝術管理及文化行政之人才,提供大專院校在學學生於新北市立博物館、藝文館舍及圖書館實務學習之機會,並擴大文化事務參與層面及推廣效益。





Ming Chuan University Law School Law Awakening 2015 International Symposium

Ming Chuan University Law School Law Awakening 2015 International Symposium

Web page(http://eform.mcu.edu.tw/node/447)






【Scholarship】Zhang Yuan Weng Foundation Cultural Foundation provide scholarships to poor

申請人資格 : 未領有任何獎學金,並提供符合資格的學生數名,每名新台幣貳萬元整 :






【Scholarship】Yuanheng law firm to provide the affected families in Kaohsiung gas explosion case children scholarships

申請人資格 : 戶籍設在高雄氣爆災區的法律系三年級(含三年級)以下大學生

補助方式 : 提供符合資格的學生7位,每位每月新台幣6000元整為期一年

申請文件 :



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