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Brief History


【Introduction of Law Department】


The Department of Law fulfills the mission of developing legal professionals who are competent in judicial practice academics through education that equally emphasizes strong theoretical and practical training, nurturing students with a sense of responsibility, high moral character, team spirit and global vision to contribute to the country and the international community. In addition to focusing on legal professionalism, the curriculum design also cultivates students' future employability; therefore, besides required legal profession courses, practical and science-technology courses are also included.

In 1992, establishment of the Department of Law was approved. Currently, two cohorts of 52 students each are enrolled at each year level of the undergraduate program. To establish the needed legal expertise at the time, focus course programs were set up in Science and Technology Law, Real Estate Law, Cultural Creativity Law, Human Resources Law. Then, in 1999, the master’s program in Law was established, enrolling 18 students in a new cohort every year.  Most of these students are university or college graduates from law or related departments (such as financial law, political law, finance law, science and technology law).

Department of Law operates on the university’s philosophy of ‘one mission – three goals‘, fulfilling the mission of “that is, attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance through pursuit of excellence, professionalism, and internationalization. Moreover, we incorporate the characteristics highlighted in the university’s motto: Honesty: being a person of integrity; Sincerity: being a person of substance; Humility: being a person of refinement; and Determination: being a person of endurance. And, we implement strict education by total quality management, so that all students learn to apply their knowledge to achieve market-oriented educational goals. To maintain sustainable development and cultivate legal talents who can make basic contributions to the nation and society, at Ming Chuan, technology and humanities are combined so that students can enter society and aim for internationalization.


Undergraduate: Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Graduate: Master of Laws (LL.M)


by Dr. Radut.