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About Us

【Introduction of Law Department】

    The Law Department has been officially approved to enroll students since 1993.  Furthermore,The Ministry of  Education (MOE) approved the set up of our graduate school in 1996, with enrollment of students beginning in 1999. When our school was transformed into a university in 1998, the Law Department expanded classes and became the Law School.

     The main purposes of the establishment of the department are to train legal administrators and judicial professionals and to cultivate professionals in the specific field of laws with regard to the socio-economic activities of our nation. Therefore, our department divides the elective professional courses into five divisions. The subjects for national exams are covered in required courses. 

    The Department’s mission is to educate professionals with practical judicial experience and learning ability through strong theoretical and practical training, who are characterized by responsibility, high ethical standards, team spirit, and worldview for the development of national and global communities.


by Dr. Radut.