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Student Recruitment

【Message from the Chair – MCU Law Department

Welcome to the website of the MCU Law Department.

MCU Law Department offers an undergraduate program, a master’s program, and an executive master of Laws program. We recruit students from all over the world, including exchange students from many foreign countries. Our master’s program recruits a class of local students and a class of international students. Upon finishing their basic foundation in law courses, students are encouraged to develop their specialty in Real Estate Law, Intellectual Law, Human Resource Law, or Cultural Creativity Law. Our department has set Legal Ethics as a required course with the aim to cultivate legal professionals with ethical practices. To help prepare its students for future practice, we provide a wide selection of advanced courses that are both theoretical- and practice-oriented. Moreover, our Law Department also encourages students to serve in its Legal Services Center, so that students can test their training and help people in real life.



by Dr. Radut.