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      We commit to providing our students with the best learning environment and make it our mission to prepare our students as future leaders in their professional field. Similarly, our faculty dedicate much time and energy to nurture every aspect of our students’ academic development, and to provide them with guidance which is essential to their future careers in law. It is our privilege and responsibility to ensure that every student who graduates from MCU School of Law will be prepared as a scholar/practitioner in the legal field, and as a positive influence in society.

        Taiwan has a highly competitive national examination for practicing law. Students at MCU, regardless of their specific area of focus, have proven themselves with successful exam results. The solid training in law courses at MCU has helped our students pass the Bar Exam.

       Graduates from MCU perform well in legal practice-related jobs, government units, and other industries. In addition, many graduates also go on to pursue further education abroad, and their performances are also recognized by those institutions.

       Beyond national examination preparation, we also encourage students to apply for exchanges or pursue further education abroad, and they are regularly admitted to LL.M, JD, or JSD programs in law schools overseas. Pursuing education in a foreign country not only broadens one’s horizon, it also creates opportunities for self-exploration and career development. MCU School of Law graduates are inspired to realize the important roles they can play in this society, and keep pushing themselves to make the world a better place.


by Dr. Radut.