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Student Learning Outcomes

Students Learning Outcomes

1. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) College Students Research Project Grants

The department actively encourages students to apply for MOST College Student Research Project Grants to cultivate their academic talents to keep up with the pulse of society. To enhance the quality of the applications, faculty members guide students to properly develop appropriate research topics and mentor the student research teams so that they are able to integrate both breadth and depth into their research projects. In the semester prior to application, the department  matches students and faculty members to allow for effective development of research topics in advance, with project outlines organized according to the project grant application instructions. This enhances the implementation the projects and supports cultivation of truly independent research capacity.





Student's Name



He, Xiang-Yun

Project: Review the Development of Voluntary Service within the Application of the Law
Advising professor: Lin,Yi-R


Zhang, Jing-Jing

Project: Analysis of Causation of Damages – Centered on Food Safety
Advising professor: Huang, Yu-H


Liou, Yi-Jing

Project Name: Control of Risks in Genetically Modified Food - A Case Study of Food Safety Law
Advisor: Lin, Yi-R


Lin, Yang

Project Title: Use of Real Name or Not? ─ Student Travel Card Real Name-System-Related Legal Issues
Advisor: Syong, Ai-Cing


Wang, Ya-Chun

Project Title: Trademark Damages Discussed – Centered on Reasonable Premiums
Advisor: Hsieh, Tsu-Sung


Wang, Yi-Jhen

Project Title: Discussion of Civil Liability for Third-party Payment Industry ─ Case Study of AllPay
Advisor: Huang, Yu-H


Lin, Yan-Jyun

Project Name: Emperical Research on Land Law Article 34-1
Advisor: Wu, Pei-Jyun



Project Title: Crime of Obscene Article Peddling
Advisor: Tu,Chun-J


Su, Ling

Project Title: Review of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Coverage
Advisor: Lin, Syun-Fa


Yang, Shu-Ci

Project Title: Study of Euthanasia and Other Control Measures for Stray Animals
Advisor: Chen, Yu-S


2. Other Student Outcomes

The School of Law has invested significant resources and funding into helping students achieve their professional goals. Following are some examples of our students’ achievements.

(1) More than 60 of our students passed national examinations for civil servants, including the bar examination and judiciary examination, between the years of 2006 and 2016.

(2) Regarding pursuit of further legal study at graduate degree level, our graduates received more than 34 admissions offers into LLM programs at various universities (including MCU School of Law) between the years of 2008 and 2016.

(3) More than 100 students have taken professional training courses and passed relevant examinations to earn professional certificates, such as Insurance Representative License, between the years of 2010 and 2011.


by Dr. Radut.