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Graduates' Future Prospects

【Graduates' future prospects】

    In addition to traditional training in laws during their schooling, students in this department take courses in the four divisions of (1) Real estate law, (2) Intellectual property law, (3) Human resources law, and (4) Cultural originality law to gain and learn specific knowledge and skills. Meanwhile, according to their aptitudes and interests, their education assists them to prepare for national exams, to further their education in graduate school, to study abroad or enter the job market, and so on. For example, within the judicial world, graduates may become a judge, public prosecutor, public defender, lawyer, notary public, secretary to an official, administrative attorney, civil servant in the legal system, legal researcher of a privately operated organization, law service personnel, law office assistant, land agent, judicial reporter, teacher, assistant to committee member of the Legislative Yuan and so on. Besides, they can apply their professional knowledge to technology, the financial market, or some humanitarian work such as environmental protection, labor rights or minority group work.


by Dr. Radut.