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2017.11.07 Nov. 13-17 Mid-Term Examinations

Mid-term examinations will held next week


2017.06.05 Course Selection Agent System Ready for 1st Semester 2017-18

The preliminary selection of Add / Drop Courses Online Service for 1st Semester of 2017-18 AY will open at 12:30 pm on May 22 and will be available in different periods depending on students’ class year. The period of online course selection will extend until 16:00 of the following day.


2017.02.20 Best Educational Achievement Top 11th University Nationwide

MCU educational achievement is affirmed again with the honor of 2017 Nationwide Top 20 University Education Achievements announced by Cheers Magazine on February 7, 2017 at NTUH International Convention Center. Under President Lee’s leadership, MCU has stepped into a position as an international comprehensive university with its mission, three goals of professionalism, excellence and internationalization and 10 Pillars based on MCU education philosophy.


2016.12.13 Apply for Faculty Research Awards Before January 8, 2017

Applications for 2016-17 Full-time Faculty Research Awards are being accepted through January 8, 2017. Full-time faculty members who would like to apply must complete the application online at http://eform.mcu.edu.tw/, print out and sign the completed application form, then submit it along with offprints of papers, photocopy of JCR Reports, impact factor document or relevant documents for their department chair’s signature.


2016.11.04 Post Mid-term Course-reduction Application Period Starts from November 21

The post mid-term course-reduction application period is from 9 am of November 21 to 4 pm of November 25. Students who meet the course-reduction criteria may submit their application through the Student Information System after they counsel with their class advisor.




by Dr. Radut.